People are dying on Southern roads


Every life lost on our roads impacts our whole community.
We can change this—road death is preventable.
Let’s show we care and work together.

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Community stories

This is where we share stories about the impact road death has on our communities. Listen to our stories and learn how we can work together to fix it. Here our community shares why Any number is too many.

  • "Police are members of the community as well so they feel it every bit as much as the rest of the community, but seeing that firsthand amplifies that impact."

    Senior Sergeant Jon Bisset, NZ Police
  • "Years later you can see people in the community still struggling with that death. And it all comes back to the surface. It makes what you’ve seen impossible to forget."

    Katrina Andrew, Shift Manager, St John Invercargill
  • "We need to start talking louder and turn our thinking from blaming a group or shutting down the conversation to saying, ‘what can we all do about it?' "

    Pauline Buchanan, St John, Gore
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