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Jane’s story

Senior Constable Whitmore talks about a particularly poignant road crash she attended, the memory of which has stayed with her to this day.

Katrina’s story

Katrina Andrew is a paramedic and shift manager for St John in Invercargill. She’s been on the road serving her community for almost fourteen years.

Pauline’s story

One of the hardest parts of the job for paramedic Pauline is that she lives and works in a tight-knit community, meaning she often knows the people she’s helping.

Battle of the South

An expanse of black at the iconic Battle of the South rugby game was a poignant reminder of the number of people whose lives have been lost on Southern roads.

Diane’s story

Di Leonard is a Guidance Counsellor at Taieri College. In her job, she sees first hand how crashes impact an entire community. For Taieri College, six is too many.

Jude’s story

Jude Patterson, a volunteer fire fighter in Lawrence, has been looking after Lawrence for seven years. She knows first hand the impact crashes have on the community.

Avoiding tragedy

Jim Boult, Mayor of Queenstown Lakes District Council, talks about the "carnage" on the region's roads last year and what we can do to change this.

Marielle’s story

Marielle Craighead is a long time resident of Central Otago. She supports Any number is too many because too many people are dying in her community.

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