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Serious road crashes have ongoing and long-lasting impacts on individuals and communities. It’s important to share our stories about how we’ve been affected. We don’t just feel the loss of people we knew personally; losing anyone from our community affects us all.

Share your story by using our tool below. You can choose one of our photos to upload to your Facebook page or select an image of your own.

Another way to share your story is to make a selfie video and post that on Facebook. Don’t forget to use the #anynumberistoomany tag so others can see and share your story too. The more people share their stories, the more conversations we’ll have as a community.


Ready to share your message?
Here are a few ideas to get you started (you can copy and paste them into your post if you like):

  • One life lost on the road is one too many.

  • I’m showing I care about the number of people being killed and injured on our roads.

  • The road toll isn’t just a number, it represents lives lost and communities left grieving.

  • We need to work together as a community and help prevent road death.

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