Marielle’s story

“When there’s a serious crash it feels like our whole district is in shock. Sadness just drapes itself over the whole community.”

Marielle Craighead is a long-time resident of Central Otago. She says the number of people who have been killed or seriously injured in road crashes in the district is too many.

“It’s hard to describe how it changes us. It has a lasting affect and we shouldn’t have to learn to live with it.

“I have volunteered at St John and Victim Support. I have seen how badly crashes affect us, especially in small towns like ours which have tight-knit and caring communities.

“It’s not just the immediate family. Workmates, schoolmates, all of us. It’s just so tragic. When it’s young people it stuns everyone. It’s so hard to believe. These are people with their whole life ahead of them.”

“Because of this I am really passionate about reducing crashes, which I know are preventable and are avoidable.
“If I can do anything, I will.”

We thank Marielle and The Central App who have kindly donated space on the App for us to share our message with the people of Central Otago. As we spoke to Marielle a siren sounded calling Alexandra’s volunteer fire brigade to a fatal crash.

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