Jude’s story

A lot of the people who attend crash scenes volunteer to do it.

There are 1789 volunteer fire fighters across Southland and Otago working to save lives.

Jude Patterson of the Lawrence Volunteer Fire Brigade is one of them. She says she’s seen things most people would never want to see.

“There’s a mental stress on each brigade member as sometimes we see people we know”.

Jude has been giving up her time to look after the Lawrence community for seven years. In that time she has been to at least 40 crashes, some devastating.

“90% of the crashes I’ve been to are preventable. I support Any number is too many because I want drivers on our roads be more aware,” she says.

You can be more aware by thinking of the road as a place to be shared and helping other drivers make good decisions.

Jude says what gets her and the other emergency services through is community.

“The whole community bands together when there’s a major crash as mental support for all emergency services. That’s the glue that holds us together.”

For Jude Patterson and other volunteer fire fighters, any number is too many.

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