HW Richardson’s story

Lionel Wood, the Manager of Southern Transport, shares why he and the HW Richardson Group are behind Any number is too many. 

“Our business is on the road so we see what happens there and we care about it.

Too many lives have been lost. Too many communities and families have been affected. With Any number is too many, it feels like we’ve started something here and I’m optimistic.

Maybe it will make a difference and it will be something our children will carry on so in their lifetime, road death will be a thing of the past.”

Roy Agnew, Operations Manager of Southern Transport, is a volunteer fire fighter. He’s seen how much each crash impacts an entire community

“I’m also a volunteer fire brigade member so I see the tragedy on the roads. Something like this is important, we can’t keep losing people.

Mataura is a pretty small community. When there’s a crash everybody knows about it and they’re devastated for a time but aside from us and close friends and family, it gets forgotten about far too quickly.

I’m surprised how often fatigue, inattention and driver behaviour is still a factor in crashes. We’re very aware of it at Southern Transport and do everything in our power to keep our drivers safe. I want them to get home to their families each night. That’s really important to all of us.”


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