Emergency responders see the outcomes of road crashes every day. They know better than anyone the impact road deaths have on communities and individuals—including themselves.

After years of a declining road toll, the number of people dying and being seriously injured on Southern roads is increasing again. This has been a frustrating reality for the responders who have to pick up the pieces of these tragedies.

Emergency responders are the initiators of Any number is too many. They believe Otago and Southland roads can be increasingly free of death and serious injuries if communities work to tackle this together. They are asking the community to join them in finding solutions to local road risks, and bring down the road toll.


Jane’s story

Senior Constable Whitmore talks about a particularly poignant road crash she attended, the memory of which has stayed with her to this day.


Katrina’s story

Katrina Andrew is a paramedic and shift manager for St John in Invercargill. She’s been on the road serving her community for almost 14 years.


Pauline’s story

One of the hardest parts of the job for paramedic Pauline is that she lives and works in a tight-knit community—meaning she often knows the people she’s helping.